How is the Marketing Funnel Setup Done?

A marketing sales funnel happens to be the purchase process a customer goes through after the lead generation process. It provides marketers with repeated chances to transform leads into actual buyers, and aim at optimal profit making by offering upsells and downsells. Here is how to go about the process of marketing funnel setup and ensure its success.

Creating a landing page

The first step is to create a landing page for your own business. It lets your customer opt in for your offerings with an email id. This is generally useful for getting access to extra details that have a close relation to the topic. Landing pages play a big role in attracting customers to products and services. You can find example landing pages on marketing tools such as Clickfunnels and Leadpages. There is a drag and drop web page builder with these tools. With a few button clicks, you can create pages.

Making the primary offer

After the creation of the landing page, you have to make the primary offer. When you establish at least two downsells and two upsells, you can have quite a few chances to create sales. At such a juncture, you will have to be in contact with the client often and build a relationship.

Creating mini-funnels

As the customer has shown an interest in a specific form of service or product already, you have to create extra mini-funnels of a similar form. The process is a proven one. Once mini-funnels are created, sales would happen.

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